Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Round 1 Napro with clomid

This is where many may get confused. Yes I had said no to clomid, but with out it, I just simply do not ovulate. I end up with masses of cysts and that is just not going to achieve pregnancy. But the dose of clomid on Napro is greatly reduced. I started out with 25mg CD (cycle day) 3-5. Yes that is right only three days at half the normal dose. This did work. I did ovulate. I just did not conceive. Not too sure why as the timing was perfect. My Lutural Phase was 21 days. YES 21 stinking days nearly a week longer than normal. So for that week, I was not sure if I was pregnant or not. It was hell!! I had to have major dummy spits at the Dr's office as they would not give me my test results in a timely fashion. It took from 9 am to 4pm to get the results and that was only after I broke down in tears & told one small white lie about medication. The test had been done early the day before and was ready the night before so it was not like they did not have the results.
After all this happened the Dr asked me how I felt about the cycle ending the way it did. I put it as pure frustration. Not sure why I would have a long luteral phase and not be pregnant. So this leads to round two.