Saturday, September 15, 2007

Napro 0 - infertility ??? (lost count!)

Here we are still baby less. Napro has not quite been the miracle that we were hoping for. After 6 months and now up to cycle 6 we are still not pregnant. Yep it is getting heart breaking. It almost gets to the point of thinking "Will it ever happen to us", "Are we always going to be a childless couple" or "Does god think we are really just not ready for a family"??

Speaking with my mum, it seems to be her opinion that I may have missed the boat age wise. All because I waited until I was married to start trying for a baby. I kind of wish I hadn't because I may have been a mother by now. But glad I did because I wanted to definitely be married first.

I have spoken with Gyno finally. He has decided that he does not want me to do have the ovarian drilling done without a second opinion. Which is fair enough in one respect, but he was very keen to do the same surgery 12 months ago with out a question. He has referred us to a fertility clinic (which is also an IVF clinic) for the second opinion. Sort of very nervous about being bullied into IVF. But reading up on the clinics web page they do have a procedure that helps for couples who have moral or religious objections to IVF. I think they call it GIFT. But we will have to look into it.

So right now we have put a stop to the clomid, and will use progesterone to help the cycle be of normal length. I think sometimes it is nice to enjoy being a couple without the pressures of TTC! We enjoyed a nice dinner out, which included some wine & beer. Than some good fun shameless sex when we got home. After all we are a good married couple who need a release of a Friday night.