Sunday, July 8, 2007

My hunt lead me to Napro

After I sat down with my Dr's it was apparent that clomid was not a great idea. The headache alone with out the other complications were bad enough. So it was decided that we would see another Dr who speciality is Napro or Fertility Care. This Dr is also very kind and sweet. He is some what shy, which makes me laugh because John is very shy as well, until you know him.

This Dr has been amazing with us, he has incredible patience. My thirst for knowledge must drive him up the wall. But I still ask questions and I still keep looking to expand the boundaries. This is also a very good time to let you in on a bit of knowledge that may help you to understand why we have not taken the IVF route.

John and I have moral reasons not to. Both interestingly enough are different. John is Catholic and has been raised by a very good Catholic family. I on the other hand have other moral objections. Which relate back to a family issues and very old wounds. But the outcome is still the same. It is not a path we wish to take.

So while we are on the subject of exploring other options, Adoption is not an option and it is not by choice. We live in a country where adoption of baby's is very few and far between. Only about 200 babies are adopted out each year. Sad but very true. Even sadder is that we are not even eligible to get on that waiting list for adoption.

Now back to the Napro method. It is a charting method that explores a woman's fertility health through observation of Cervical Mucus. This method is endorsed by the Catholic church as a way of Natural Family Planning, and fertility health through all stages of life. I do have to say this it is not one for the undisciplined. It takes dedication from both husband and wife. It can require long periods of abstinence from sex at times when conception is not ideal, especially if the woman does not have a straight forward 28 day cycle with ovulation on day 14. (Or something similar.)

But do not fear, it is not all education about CM and away you go. It is also looking at the bigger picture when it comes to infertile couples. It looks at what the hormones are doing through the whole cycle and investigates the causes of the problems. So there is LOTS of blood tests, and other investigations. Luckily for us we had recently had the tests done and so we did not have to repeat them. With the exception of the bloods of course.

In the few short months we worked out that I have progesterone & oestrogen issues in the Lutural phase. So I now have progesterone injections on certain days to combat this. This also helps with the cysts that may form. Very recently we were able to find a large one on ultrasound before it burst. In the past Dr's have only done an ultrasound as an investigation of server pelvic pain, which has been the cysts rupturing. The Napro Dr gave me progesterone in a certain sequence for a week. The cyst dissolved it self with in a week after the last injection and I had started a new cycle.