Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bring on the Clomid

My advice to anyone who thinks clomid and summer months mix, think again!! Especially if you live in a hot and humid climent.
I started the clomid in the Mid November of 06. All was well. I ovulated, my progesterone was high, and the side effects were there they were manageable. The headaches would only last a few hours and I only had hot flushes when I did anything that raised my heart rate.

But that cycle was not to be, I got the news a few days before Christmas that my blood test was a BFN. My Dr nearly cried. He was really hoping I would get a BFP for Christmas. Instead by Christmas afternoon my period had arrived. I was devastated, once again we were not telling the family. How do you tell them that Santa was mean and gave you your period instead a growing baby for Christmas. Yep tough going.

The next cycle was just the same except the fatigue hit me hard and the headaches got worse. I was sleeping lots as well. I also was not happy with what was happening with my pain meds. And I was still waiting to hear back from the General Physicians office for my first appointment as part of the high risk management plan. As many know getting the medications right before conception can mean the difference between a healthy baby and devastating birth defects.
This cycle went bust too.

So once again we started with cycle number 3. This time I had a headache (still left over from the previous cycle) that would not let up. It was with me night and day and was making me unable to function. My Dr just kept upping my pain meds, but with muscle relaxants and codeine. Which did not a thing for the headache.

So this leaves me to the night before Valentines day. I had been sitting on a deep couch watching TV before bed. I had some cramping pain (which I was putting down to ovulation/cyst pain), but I was not too concerned about it. But when I got up, I could barely walk. I almost crawled down the hall to the bathroom to get ready for bed. At this point I knew I was in trouble. I tried using my bowels to relieve the pain, whilst my bowels moved it only made the pain worse. I rang my Dr, it was 11:00pm at night. I felt bad because I woke his whole house up, including is young children (one of which answered the phone). He told me to call the ambo's and get to the hospital.

So off I went. I spent the next few days in a short stay unit at the back of the emergency department having even more humiliating examinations, tests and other things done to me. Only to find & fix a blocked bowel.

After that I swore off clomid and went on the hunt for something better.