Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fast Forward to April 2006

Just before our wedding anniversary I was given the bitter sweet news that I was being taken off the Methotrexate (MTX) as it had not worked. I was no closer to remission than I was before I started it. If anything I was worse off. I had gained a lot of weight. I had several major flares and was taking even more pain meds than before. So I was than given six months to "dry out" after I stopped taking the MTX.

I used this time wisely. I read up on Natural Family Planning, sort a brand new referral for a better Gyno who understood what high risk meant and got myself off the pill.

When I finally got to see the new Dr in August 06 he agreed that the best place to start was with all the testing whilst I was in the dry out phase. Which suited us very much so. He even had John do another SA, which was border line normal, but should not pose to much problems. Which was a major improvement from his last SA done back at the beginning of 05. I also had all of the usual blood tests to check my immunity status. But the bigger achievement, I finally got a HSG, & Laprosocopy done. The Dr also did a D&C as well because of the strange bleeding post MTX (which is not uncommon at all).

My tubes are clear, I have no endo, but sadly my ovaries were covered in small pearl like cysts. Which is the major indicator of PCOS. There were a couple of options given to us. One I was not very keen on. The golf balling of the Ovaries. Some part of me wishes I had taken that option, but it is currently hard to say if it would have worked.

We were given the all clear to TTC straight after the lap. In fact the Dr told us as soon we were up to DTD, we should as it seemed I had a follicle that was almost mature.

This is where family's get complicated. John & I had chosen not to tell the parents about the testing. It was a personal choice because we were not ready for the judgement and persecution of it all. But some how through their nosey enquiries they got through John's guard. But this time was odd. They told people about it!! Yes they told people who expectantly approached me. I was caught majorly off guard and seriously did not know what to say. As only my online friends & my nan (who took me to the hospital) knew about it. I mumbled something at the time.